You want people to live an experience around your brand?

“The brands we love are those brands that make us feel something”. While the majority of promotional display media are in 2D (posters, banners…), sometimes in 3D, Soul.City adds a 4th dimension: the time we are going to spend with the brand during the walk. And even a 5th dimension… the emotion that the brand will make you live through the places to which it is going to bring its clients! Rather than just be content with an advertisement display that fewer and fewer people will pay attention to, offer a trip experience in any place of the world, in several cities at the same time or maybe during an event, a product launch, and so forth.

What type of path can you offer?

A “feeling” route

You want to make your clients, potential clients and fans feel a particular emotion? Maybe you target a couple, parents, retired people, athletes, students, literature lovers, etc… Let us imagine together what places and which emotion you wish to associate your brand with.
Example: you are a coffee brand and you want to reach “romantics”; there is a feeling for that!

An “event” route

You are launching an advertising campaign or a new product, and you are looking for an innovative means of making your clients or potential ones come? Do you wish to take advantage of an event and appear as its sponsor? Soul.City is a digital solution allowing your clients to move to your premises or with you, but in the real world. Example: you want to take advantage of the Cannes Festival to gain publicity for your brand…

An entertaining journey

What if the best way to discover the city was a treasure hunt, starting from your facility, with some tailored puzzles, unexpected places or complicit partners…? Everything is possible.

Examples of trips

FARSe 2016

Strasbourg’s Street Arts Festival gathers every year tens of thousands of spectators for 3 days, all walking around the city's alleys. By incorporating all the show venues included in Soul.City, the City of Strasbourg avoided creating a dedicated app, which was unnecessary.

Pokemon Go

During the launch of Pokemon Go, we created a route of all the gyms. A good way to get a targeted audience to know your brand.

Why become Cityzen.Sponsor ?

Gain more visibility

The community of Soul.City gets bigger every day around the world, offering new opportunities for your brand to be visible, both by tourists and the residents of the city.

Measure results

Beyond traditional statistics, you will have the capacity to really see the impact of a campaign in whatever place you wish to.

Access to a Cityzen network

Bloggers, writers, passionate residents, these are all contributors able to offer you unique content in line with your brand and to diffuse it through their communities.

You are a coffee brand and you want to propose your clients a romantic discovery? You are a sports brand and you want to make your potential clients run through a stunning path? You are a movie theater and you want people to discover the filming locations of your city? You are an Institution and you want to propose the discovery of little known neighbourhoods? You are a real estate developer and you want to make people discover the living spaces around your next project? There are a thousand ways to make people move thanks to your brand. Our team is here to help you imagine the walk that will surely make everyone “feel” the DNA of your brand.

How to create a path in Soul.City?

If you have a particular idea or just want us to accompany you in the implementation phase, submit your application in the following form. We will not fail to send you full documentation, as well as the conditions to start.

Tell us more about your brand and needs !

If your brand is already trying to transmit an emotion or a feeling to its clients or potential ones, Soul.City can be a good means of making them move and live a new experience. In order to propose a trip that makes sense for our users, it is important to meet a certain number of criteria or to build something upon an existing path that has been already validated in our community.
Do not hesitate to fill in the form, we will send you some complimentary elements in order to evaluate our collaboration.