Share your knowledge of the city with the greatest number of people.

You really love your city and you are interested in making people discover it. Your passion? Its cuisine, its culture, its street art, its history, its architecture, its music, its literature… Remote places, shops you particularly like, the neighbourhood you like, a matter you care about… all this could become a Soul.City journey.

And what if you could share your universe with as many people as possible in a simple manner, as if you took them by the hand? Imagine the emotion you want to make them feel, with what kind of audience… where you would take them, through which alleys you could get them, in front of which building, in which cafe, restaurant, shop, park… The real experts of a city are its residents, Soul.City is the platform that allows them to create and to propose the new visitor experiences of the future. Your journeys are accessible all the time, in English or French (other languages soon), on iPhone and Androïd.

What type of journey can you offer?

A cultural route

Heritage, Street Art, Museums, Architecture, everything is suitable for wandering, but people need to be guided into the right alleys and by the right people.

A culinary route

The little coffee shop around the corner, the hidden restaurant that only the locals know, the nice small grocery store where you can buy some delicacies without being tricked… if you know all this stuff, just offer a unique discovery to your clients.

An entertaining journey

What if the best way to discover the city was a treasure hunt, starting from your facility, with some tailored puzzles, unexpected places or complicit partners…? Everything is possible.

Examples of journeys

Vivien from Pokaa

Vivien launched the blog several years ago. This blog was born out of the will to make people discover unique sites and the most emblematic parts of the City of Strasbourg. As a real passionate of the street culture, Vivien has created for us the “Urban Artist” route... A walk through the area of the central station to discover the most amazing graffiti and the city’s street art universe.

Jean-Claude Poitras

Fashion designer and creator, this authentic Montrealer lives and makes people live his passion for fashion in the city. His vision of the city and of its visits have led to the creation of the “Flâneur by JC Poitras” route. From Place Victoria through rue Saint-Pierre to Saint-Paul street, he makes us discover the cultural and creative Montreal he loves.

His story: “Soul.City’s out of the ordinary approach meets in every way my vision of a certain art of living, it makes discoveries through the looking glass, when our heart jumps out of our chest well beyond the usual clichés”, he explains.

Why become a Cityzen.Redactor?

Gain more visibility

You offer your regular readers or visitors another way to access your content, while opening up to a new community. You are identified as the contributor to the journey and we can put some links to your blog, your offers (if you are a guide for example), and so on…

Meetings with other enthusiasts

We bring you in contact with the others CityZens of your region and we give you access to many tools and a lot of advice in order to highlight your know-how with our users.

Additional revenue

We put you in contact with brands, agencies and tourism professionals who are looking for relevant content to better reach their clients.

What if you are a guide or a greeter? And you’re not always available for your visitors? This is an opportunity to accompany a large number of people in a simple and mobile way, by providing a possibly different content that could bring your new opportunities.

You are a blogger or you manage a travel community? Soul.City is a supplementary visibility channel, offering a different experience of your content, allowing you to provide your readers with a different way of employing your discoveries. It will allow your readers and all the other users of the app to wander through the city as if you were beside them, in their pocket.

How to propose a journey?

Fill in the following form, you will be guided through the selection criteria that reflect the expectations of our community of users. Choose the city and propose us a unique and inspiring experience, in line with a feeling,an emotion, a passion… Our team will evaluate your application and will provide you with tools for building the path in the simplest possible manner. We will accompany you so that it can be the most attractive as possible, both for our users and for the brands and tourism professionals who are looking for your writing skills.

Submit your itinerary today !

In order to propose a Soul.City journey, it is necessary to be familiar with the city or the neighbourhood(s) you wish to make people discover about. If you want to propose the discovery of a place for its historical aspect, please make sure that your information is relevant, reliable and not controversial.

You don’t need to be a world-renowned expert, but you do need to know your topic and you are known for that by the people around you. Soul.City is not a tourist guide, the proposed routes are original, surprising and even bizarre.

It is not a list of points of interest either, but rather a trip around the city, where the route is just as important as the places to which you will bring the users. Our users wish to leave with a head full of memories, stories to tell, pictures they will be proud to share, scents, taste. The locations visited should not be a “tourist trap”, please avoid hidden advertising, we are extremely careful about the experience that your trip will offer, which can be deactivated at any time if any of these criteria is not met. If you recognize yourself in these values, welcome to the Cityzen family!