Allow your guests to discover the city from your front door.

The modern tourist does not come just to sleep, (s)he comes to live an experience. Of course, you are interested in offering your guests the best service in your hotel (reception, bedding, services…). But where do they go when they leave your premises? Do you help them discover the cultural or culinary heritage of your city?
If you already advise your customers spontaneously and you love to share the best addresses in your city, Soul.City is the ideal platform to take them by the hand, according to their feelings or their interests and based on the time available.

Soul.City has developed the perfect tool to answer your specific clientele’s needs : Secret Stories ! Secret Stories enables you to create content on Soul.City that is accessible through a bar or numerical code. This makes your content hidden from your competitors’ view while allowing your customers to experience what you and your staff like most about your city. In promotional periods you may also wish to publish your secret itinerary to all Soul.City users…or not ! The content you create in Secret Stories is yours to share.

What type of journey can you offer?

A cultural route

Heritage, Street Art, Museums, Architecture, everything is suitable for a nice tour, but people need to be guided into the right alleys and by the right people.

A culinary route

The little coffee shop around the corner, the hidden restaurant that only the locals know, the nice small grocery store where you can buy some delicacies without being tricked… if you know all this stuff, just offer a unique discovery to your clients.

An entertaining journey

What if the best way to discover the city was a treasure hunt, starting from your facility, with some tailored puzzles, unexpected places or complicit partners…? Everything is possible.

Examples of hidden journeys

The Corridors of Time

This secret route created in collaboration with the author of the series of books "The Corridors of Time" offers an original discovery of one of the most beautiful cities of Alsace (France), Colmar.

If you wish to highlight the historical aspect of the buildings starting from your hotel, this is a very nice example of what you could do.

Hero of the DaVinci Code

Did you enjoy Dan Brown’s novel? This route sends you down Robert Langdon's path for the Parisian part of the events in the book.

If you would like to amaze your clients and plunge them into a literary or cinematographic adventure, this is an excellent example!

Why become a Cityzen.Pro ?

Offer new services

Your visitors will be talking about the experience that you made them live, they will share it with their friends and recommend your hotel.

Save time

You will be able to offer the best visit experience to all your visitors, no matter what time of the day it is, adapted to fit every kind of client (couples, families, retired people, businessmen…)

Gain more visibility

You will also have the opportunity to make your route visible to all the users of Soul.City arriving in your city. You can choose the period and the promotion time of your trip on the homepage of your city (as long as your hotel is in a city covered by Soul.City).

How does it work?

Create your own “secret paths” or check our Cityzen community of writers to obtain a unique insight into the neighbourhood, the surrounding area or the whole city.

Your “secret paths” will be available in the Soul.City app around the world, thanks to a code that you will be able to attach to them in a very simple way, either a QR Code or an alphanumeric code. The journey will thus make them explore the city based on the information that you will have provided, as if you were doing the trip together with them.

Let’s imagine together your next trip

Secret paths are a good way of proposing complementary services to your clients.

In order to propose an attractive path, it is important to meet a certain number of criteria or to build something upon an existing path that has been already validated in our community.

Do not hesitate to fill in the form, we will send you some complimentary elements in order to assess your project and help you achieve it easily.